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Word on the Street

I have known Katie Woodley for a few years.  She has treated both my Mini-Schnauzer and my Springer Spaniel over that time. My Schnauzer is fairly healthy but she has seen him through a growth in his mouth and various minor health issues. For my Springer, however she has provided excellent care for his Arthritis, Cushings Disease as well as Diabetes. While initially he was placed on conventional medication, Katie integrated herbals into his protocol.  There was clear evidence as she tweaked and tried different things, that impressive improvements in his health and symptoms were taking place. She never stopped at the “this is working, let’s leave it” mentality. She was frequently questioning his symptoms, behavior, and labs to be certain she wasn’t “over or under” dosing him on any of it as changes and improvements occurred.  Often cutting back was a perfect balance for a change.  She has a compassion for not just the pet, but for the pet parent as well. Understanding concerns and anxiety in both. My four-legged fur babies trusted her as much as I did.  There was a comfort in the room when she cared for them. she is gentle and seems to read their emotions well.  She is patient and tolerant with their moods and behavior and never invades, but lets THEM create her flow.  I know I can trust her assessment and her protocols because I know she continues to make a point to know what is happening and how things are going. And, because I have seen how what she does WORKS!!!  She is a gem for a pet as well as for a pet-parent.

Lorrie Buschmann