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2020 Vision

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

As I sit here reflecting back on 2019, there are a lot of emotions that come up.

I left a comfortable vet clinic job to follow my passions and start something scary that was just a vision at the time a year ago. I knew I had to get out of the clinic setting or I was most likely not going to be in the veterinary profession anymore from burnout and many other factors. I had a name for my business and no idea how to make it happen. While this was happening, my cat was going through chemo for aggressive GI lymphoma and ended up passing away mid-January. She was the second of my two cats to die from this disease which was devastating.

I had faith that everything would be ok though and started reaching out for relief work that I could do while my business got started. I am so grateful that I had steady work at a general practice clinic locally and a local ER. However, I learned that I was going to do whatever I needed to in order to not have to go back to the clinic setting. Clients found my new business and supported me and I was able to help their pets in new ways than I had before with holistic medicine. I knew that I had found my true calling with being able to work for myself and focus on all the things I love about vet medicine.

During my practice growing and working relief, I was also working my side hustle with a company called ONEHOPE. This is a company I’ve been with for 2 years now that has wine that gives back. I help people host parties that giveback to their charity of choice and it has been very satisfying in a different way than vet medicine. I was able to earn a trip to Costa Rica, where we helped a local school, and then also a trip to Napa Valley. ONEHOPE helped me realize that I am capable of doing more and wanting to incorporate a giveback into my own vet business.

One of the biggest mindset shifts that has occurred this past year is the drive to want to help more pets globally. I am on a mission to help pets globally and in areas where pet parents don’t have access to holistic vets. I’m determined to help drive the telemedicine model but also start creating global communities that bring pet parents together for partnership to increase the longevity and vibrancy of our pets.

When Finn, my German Shepherd, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May, I thought enough was enough. There is too much cancer present in our pet populations and I need to do something to change what is happening. Finn is a true testament to how herbal medicine, acupuncture and alternative therapies can prolong pet’s lives for the better. Check out my posts to see how well he is currently doing.

Last year, my words were Kia Kaha, which were Maori for Be Strong. I was leaving the traditional model of vet medicine to start something new and against the grain. I was scared and afraid of succeeding, which a year later seems silly to me because of how much I have grown as a person and business working through all the ups and downs.

2020 is all about being brave or Kia Maia. There is too much at risk if I don’t succeed. There are too many pets counting on me to spread the wealth of knowledge I possess that can help them, and if I let my fear get in my way, so many pet parents will continue to lose hope and too many pets will pass away sooner than they should.

My mission in life is to serve these amazing creatures that bring so much joy to our lives and to help pet parents globally know that there are other options that can help their pets live a vibrant and full life.

Once again, how do you plan on leading the way into 2020? Kia Maia!

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Katie

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