• Dr. Katie Woodley

Managing Stress in the Pet Professional, Pet Parent and Pet while Treating Cancer

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  • Join us on the emotional journey of being a pet professional, pet parent and pet with cancer and learn how to identify and manage stress more holistically.

  • If you are a pet professional or a pet parent feeling anxious and stressed, make sure to watch this video on how to identify what is happening and how to treat it.

  • What are the signs of stress in people and pets?

  • What is compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary trauma, and how can self-care combat these to keep you feeling happy and healthy?

  • Watch the video to get the full training.

  • KarmaSue is an incredible non-profit that is helping pet parents in Colorado with cancer treatments for their pets and counseling for pet parents. Click here to donate to help their amazing cause!

  • Feeling alone or like there are no other options, please reach out to us at if you need additional support. We are here for you!


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