Cat Holistic Wellness Guide

Have you been looking for a guide to help your cat live a long and healthy life more holistically? 


Maybe you're worried about the side effects of vaccines and conventional medicine, but aren't sure where to go? 


Or maybe you've been thinking you just need a little help navigating the wellness care for your beloved cat? 


Holistic medicine has been instrumental for healing in my own life, and it has changed my pets’ health. I became an integrative veterinarian a few years into my veterinary career once I realized the power of using holistic medicine, like acupuncture and herbal therapy, to heal our pets.


Preventative care often costs less than half of what it does when treating disease once it becomes advanced. Cost of care is one of the biggest worries for pet owners today, and every single person wants to do what is best for their pet. This is where utilizing holistic medicine can help.


What does it take to help your cat stay healthy from a holistic standpoint? This guide is going to break down the different sections of wellness that are essential for your pet to thrive and live a long and healthy life with plenty of resources along the way. We will be discussing nutrition, vaccines, environment and many other factors that play a part in your cats’ wellness and minimizing disease.


Thank you for supporting us and trusting us on this journey to help your beloved pets live a full and vibrant life. Enjoy all the information, and we look forward to partnering with you and your companion for life!


This guide does not guarantee that your pet will never develop a disease, it is meant to help guide you to providing extra care to your pets and hopefully increasing their overall health. There are no refunds on eBooks.