Immune Support Package

Immune Support Package

Is your pet in need of additional immune support? 


Have you recently received a cancer diagnosis for your pet and not sure where to turn? 


Has your pet been battling a chronic illness? 


Now you can have faith in knowing that this supplement package is going to support overall immune health and help your pet feel its best!  


This immune supporting package includes 3 powerhouse formulas that work synergistically together to keep your pet feeling vibrant and healthy! 


RX Vitamins is a leading edge company in the veterinary field.  


  • RX Coriolus Forte

37% Beta Glucan Content

RxCoriolus Forte contains organic extracts from the fruiting bodies (mushrooms)of five of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms available today. This powdered,highly palatable blend of mushrooms also contains two Chinese herbs,astragalus root (huang qi) and licorice root (gan cao). These 2 herbs have been found in studies to improve cell-mediated and humoral immunity. This formula has a distinct advantage over products from mycelia grown on grain because it is very low in carbohydrates and very high in beta glucan.


  • RxCurcuWin

46 Times More Bioavailable than Standard Curcumin

RxCurcuWIN ChewTabs provide 40 mg of the powerful curcuminoid complex in each 250 mg hard-chew tablet. This convenient dosage format is small and easy to administer. Curcuminoids have been found, through extensive research, to provide health benefits to the immune system through both up-stream and down-stream cell signaling molecules. The patented, hydro-soluble matrix of Curcuwin™ is why its curcuminoid complex provides vastly improved absorption over every other form of curcumin available today.


  • RX Onco Support

An Innovative, Potent, Immune Adjuvant

Onco Support is a complex nutraceutical and botanical blend designed to provide nutritional support for conditions of the immune system. Bio-active phytonutrients combined with specialized nutraceuticals function as biological response modifiers that increase patient vitality as well as improved immune system resistance. Onco Support provides nutrient diversity to support the increased metabolic needs of the patient with chronic disease, thus helping to improve patient quality of life.


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