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Welcome to The Natural Pet Doctor where I help your pet thrive naturally!  My name is Dr. Katie Woodley, and I am a small animal veterinarian who believes holistic medicine is the key to unlocking true health for our pets.  Explore my site for articles and podcasts on different health topics.  Book a phone consultation with me for more in-depth help for your pet.  

My mission is to provide natural medicine access for all pet parents regardless of location to improve our pet's health.


The services I offer range from phone consultations to in-person consultations about nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, essential oils and supplements.  The treatment plans are tailored to what works best for you and what you are seeking to help your pet thrive naturally.  

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Nutritional Consultations

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Herbal Medicine Consultations

Nutrition is the foundation for health.  Let's develop a nutritional plan that works best for your pet to help them thrive or heal disease. Using the right nutrition doesn't have to be time intensive or expensive either.  The treatment plan is tailored to your lifestyle and budget so there is no stress involved.  Click the contact button below.

Herbal medicine can be utilized and integrated into your pet's conventional treatment plan to help keep your pet healthy or heal disease.  Find out how herbal medicine can complement the treatment your pet is receiving or how it can keep them healthy! Click the contact button below.

"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.  Our food should be our medicine.  Our medicine should be our food."

~ Hippocrates

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